Wrex Tarr Was A Rhodesian Comedian, And News Presenter In Rhodesian

    December 14, 2016

Wrex Tarr
Wrex Tarr reading the Rhodesian News

Wrex Tarr (24 June 1934 – 6 June 2006) was a Rhodesian comedian, news presenter and archer.

Wrex Tarr – Jemsi Bondi
Wrex Tarr – Golf
Wrex Tarr – Dear Auntie Jane
Wrex Tarr – Jack and the Mielie Stalk

He was most famous for his records, “Futi Chilapalapa” and “Cream of Chilapalapa”.

Wrex Tarr was the eldest of three children from Thomas and Ann Tarr. Wrex had a brother, Tom, and a sister, Mauveen. Wrex married Beryl Lancaster on 21 September 1957, they divorced in 1973. They had three children; Berenice, Giselle and Darryl. Wrex was educated at Prince Edward High School in Salisbury. He remarried on the 15 October 1979, to Merrellyn Churchman. They did not have any children.

Tarr was a news reader for the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation for a time. He then went on to become a popular comedian, producing several Chilapalapa records. In 1978 Wrex was awarded the President’s Medal for Bisley Rifle Shooting. Tarr then went on to compete in the 1988 Olympics representing Zimbabwe in archery along with his second wife, Merry. Wrex Tarr also ran a swimming pool business in Zimbabwe and, later on after relocating to South Africa, was an organiser and contributor to the St. Francis Conservancy Project where he served as a Steering Committee member.

Wrex Tarr died on the 6 June 2006 in East London from a heart attack. At the time he was entertaining at the All Cape bowl tournament.

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