Zimbabwe Pensioners Supporter Fund

    November 25, 2016

The Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund is a registered Charity in the UK. It is a non-profit, non-political organisation who help our parent Team, Zimbabwe Pensioners Supporter Fund in Malelane South Africa to deliver those eagerly awaited boxes of provisions and medical supplies to our Golden Oldies.

Help Them – Many Retired Zimbabweans Struggle To Make Ends Meet

Zimbabwe Pensioners Supporter Fund
Picture: Our Golden Oldies Need Your Help

Lots of these people planned their retirements, working hard all their life. They put money away for their golden years only to find out that thanks to the Zimbabwean situation their money is worthless.

These were the people that helped to build Zimbabwe into the bread basket it was and one of the most successful countries in Africa. When things were good and life was great.

Unfortunately today life in Zimbabwe is hard and our Zimbabwe pensioners are battling, they need your help. Some of the pensioners were receiving pensions in Zimbabwe dollars. With the collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar they left with nothing.

Would you like to help us help them? Then go to this website and make a donation, thank you.

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