Make a Website – Web Hosting – SEO

There are lots of ways that you can make a website if you have the time. If you have made a business page on the Rhodesian website that means that you are looking to get your business on the net. Why not consider building your own website with a website builder like WordPress. It’s not that difficult and WordPress is very easy to use and user friendly, ranks well and is a good choice. The Rhodesia website is WordPress so if you have made a business page you already know how easy it is to make a post and are familiar with the WordPress dashboard.

Why Use WordPress To Build A Site Or Blog?

WordPress is free to use, very user friendly, search engines love it, whats more you will be able to select a free theme to get the look and feel of exactly what you want your site to look like. Need a extra feature that your WordPress theme does not have? no problem do a search on Google or on your plugins page for the feature, and install it free and your theme will include the feature that you wanted. Easy as that. If you have any problems or want to know something about WordPress go on Google type your search query and you will have the answer. There are so many forums and websites that are out there about WordPress that getting help is easy, if you have no web design experience WordPress is for you. Its great for beginner web designers to expert web designers and free to use.

You Will Need To Get Web Hosting

WordPress is free, but you will need to host your site or blog when you make a website. Be careful who you sign up to make sure its a good strong web hosting company and that it has stood the test of time. Also that the web hosting company has a good up time like 99.9% and fast this all effects your website. I have three different web hosting companies that I use as I have a lot of my own websites and make money using affiliates on them, so when I recommend using a company I know they are good I use them, and have no problems with them. They give me discounts and in turn I pass these discount on to you. When you sign up the commission I receive from them is payed from the company not you. This means that you are putting your faith in me, so would not recommend rubbish. These are good solid companies, good people which I communicate with weekly and you will not have a problem with them.

Don’t mess around with web hosting when you make a website

If you have a website or blog and your hosting company that you are using is giving you problems then move your hosting account, the hosting company that I recommend will even help you. If you are making a new website then the hosting company that I recommend has lots of web design tools on their dashboard to use that are included in the hosting package. But more important to you is that you can install WordPress and use it to create your own website. They have helpful tutorials on how to set it all up and if you do have a problem you can get hold of someone 24/7 on their chat and they will guide you. You will not find better people to deal with, they are great, and their hosting even better.